One more day until the TTC Passenger Audit

Dear TTC Passenger Audit participants,

Tomorrow’s the big day! The audit starts at 11am and goes until approximately 12:30pm (12-1:30 if you’re participating at Yorkdale station). Bring you questionnaires and please let ticket collectors know that you’re there for the audit when you pay your fare.

See you there!

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3 Responses to One more day until the TTC Passenger Audit

  1. Seymore Applebaum says:

    Where do I get more information about the audit taking place a Yorkdale station? Also, will there be an audit at Wilson station or is Yorkdale the closest one that will be taking place near Wilson?
    Without an on-site audit of the Wilson station it may be difficult to visualize the project I have in mind. One part of it has to do with the North bus terminal that has been sealed and is being used for storage. While another part of what I could see happening at the Wilson station has to do with the commuter parking lots. There could be a older bus operating as a location for a Community Supported Agiculture site for commuters.

  2. Ellie says:

    Why can’t I complete and submit the audit online? I’m interested in this process, but was tied up this weekend. It seems silly to limit it to people who can only make it to the physical location you designated at that given time unless this is a show and not a genuine attempt to connect with riders.

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