Audit Questionnaire 

We’ve updated and expanded our questionnaire!

Download and print this template (pdf) Saturday, July 17, 2010 at 11:00am. Alternatively, fill in the questionnaire online or print off a hard copy of the questionnaire and send your feedback by snail-mail at

TTC Passenger Audit
c/o Councillor Joe Mihevc
100 Queen Street West, Suite B35
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

We will be accepting hard copy and online questionnaires until JULY 31st 2010.

Not quite sure what to do on Saturday July 17th? Here are some instructions!

The TTC Passenger Audit team will compile all of the survey data and present it to TTC staff for their action.

Want to send us pictures of the problems you see or make additional comments? Direct them to

Please sign up for the station you intend to help audit by clicking here.


6 Responses to Audit Questionnaire 

  1. Debbie MacDonald says:

    I believe that the availability of free newspapers within the TTC is not necessary. These free newspapers should not be available within the TTC systems. They are always thrown about the subways, stations, buses and streetcars. This is an additional clean up cost that the TTC does not need. If someone has to pay for a newspaper they are less likely to leave it behind. These free newspapers used to only be available at select variety stores, lets go back to that. Please try to make sure they are not made available directly outside TTC stations either. I believe this will make a big difference. I would also like to see more prominate signs stating that people can be fined for not disposing their garbage properly on TTC property, this can be enforced easily with signs and cameras. The fines can go back to the TTC, to help pay for cleaning staff, for which I very rarely see! D. MacDonald

  2. A Meneses says:

    I see the good effort but I’m thinking that we should channel this opportunity to make this not a “one time survey” but a permanent one online.

    The technology is available and I’m sure a lot of people can even volunteer for free to setup an adequate site to track the ongoing issues.

    To give an idea of what I’m talking about you can visit the site that the city of Boston has to report potholes

    See link in Boston – report a pothole

    Another example, a simpler version, that starts with a text summary of issues is available in this site:

    Fix my street


  3. M. L. says:

    Clean the bathrooms at Bloor/Yonge subways! The washrooms are filthy, the stalls are disgusting. Cleaners do valuable work – hire more cleaners! The buses and the subways also look pretty dirty.

  4. MING LIU says:

    I think all the subway signals should be coloured,like in Montreal, green line subway, the signals are green,orange line is orange acolour,yellow line is yellow colour…… so in subway station,passengers can find exit easierly.but in Toronto,all the singnals are black colour,it’s difficult to find direction.

  5. Robert Walton says:

    Cleanliness is a factor in ridership. THIS IS A FACT! ! Have any of the Commissioners that run the TTC ever ridden the lines on a regular basis and seen the filth in the stations?

    Used to be riders had a clean system in which to travel, by clean I mean clean walls, floors, clean light fixtures that actually allow lights to shine brightly.

    But it seems that the higher ups decided in the 90’s drivers’ and vehicles were more important then cleaning and since then it really shows. It does not matter what station you go into the floors are covered in dropped, spilled, disposed of liquid refreshments that cause your feet to stick every step you take. The walls and ceiling are covered in a heavy dust residue from the braking systems on the trains, that if you happen to come into contact with is a nightmare to get out of your clothing, not to mention hard to wash off your skin.

    And the bathrooms, forget it, if you have to use a washroom on your ride you need an oxygen tank and hazmat suit just to enter them.

    For a world class city we have a third world class transit system.

    I promise you the ridership will increase dramatically. Hiring 100 cleaners really can’t hurt that much can it?

  6. J. says:

    I think that there is excessive negativity about the TTC on this website and generally in the City.

    I have been using the TTC for 25 years and have generally found it reliable and safe.

    Cleanliness? I think many of the commenters are overly fastidious. This is a public system; any one can use it. Millions of people pass through the system. It is not realistic to expect it to be as clean as an operating room. I think that the system is acceptably clean. It does not reek of urine or feces. You can sit in the seats without getting dirty.

    Reliability? Generally acceptable. There aren’t that many delays. There are thousands of things that can go wrong on a system like this. There are safety concerns that lead to delays. Get real. Delays will happen in a system like this. I am rarely late for work due to TTC delays.

    If you live far away from your workplace, you shouldn’t be surprised that it takes a long time to travel in rush hour. That is the nature of a large city. If I chose to live in, say, Woodbridge, I shouldn’t complain if it takes me a long time to get downtown in the morning.

    Safety? I have never had a single problem in 25 years of TTC use. Some people do, but that is what a big city is like.

    I have used other systems: NYC, Chicago, London, Munich, Athens, Paris. Those systems are comparable to Toronto in terms of cleanliness, reliabilty, and safety. In terms of the extent of the system, they are generally better.

    The one system that is clearly better than Toronto’s is Washington D.C. A beautiful system.

    In terms of the “decline” argument, I don’t buy it. I have ridden daily since 1985 and I don’t frankly notice a difference.

    Overall, the problem is more one of unreasonably high expectations than it is bad performance by the TTC.

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