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E-mail to register yourself or your group to participate in the passenger audit at Ossington Station by telling us your/your group’s name, contact information, and the station name. We’ll send you updates and a copy of the report when it’s complete!

Download the audit questionnaire, bring it with you to the audit on Saturday, July 17th or fill it in at your leasure, and send it to us through e-mail or snail mail at

TTC Passenger Audit
c/o Councillor Joe Mihevc
100 Queen Street West, Suite B35
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

Leave a comment about the facilities at Ossington Station  by clicking the comment link.


One Response to Ossington

  1. Marina Matthews says:

    Hello –

    I had no idea there was an audit taking place until I read the article in the Star this evening. I have many thoughts about the TTC and Ossington Station in particular.

    One thing that irks me to no end, is that passenger safety posters are displayed in many of the stations I use, encouraging people with walking devices and strollers to use the elevators and escalators made available. A bit of a slap in the face to a mother with a stroller walking up the stairs because there are no other alternatives! Aside from hoping that the TTC will become more accessible – not just to folks in wheelchairs and walkers, but to parents who rely on public transit – I wish the TTC seemed more ‘in touch’ with its passengers. I believe an ‘us and them’ phenomenon exists. As a rider, I don’t feel that most TTC employees I come into contact with have any understanding (or impetus to gain any) of what it is to be a customer and rider, someone who relies on a service that is unreliable at best.

    Onto Ossington Station – if I told you how many people I’ve seen sneak through the bus terminal to get downstairs to the trains WITHOUT paying their fare, you would probably understand how furious it makes me (and others) to have to accept regular fare increases. While waiting for a 63 bus (which, like the 96 and 165 Wilson buses) all seem to come at the very same time, travelling in tandem resulting in a longer wait time…) I noticed two people. That was just while I was waiting for a bus. Imagine how many times this happens a day – how much money does the TTC lose because of people who get away with this sort of behaviour? Why do I have to help pay that back? My suggestion would be that you close in the bus shelter and have monitored cameras on the entrances/exits. And while you’re at it, how about issuing some of those trespassing fees (as stated on the sign at the entrance/exit) to the people you catch? I doubt if many of them would try it again once the TTC started making examples of them. And this would do a lot to gain back some trust from the public.

    I guess that’s it, in a nutshell. The TTC has lost its way and the ridership is forced to put up with it. There are many things that need an overhaul in this system. How about new uniforms that will make the people that wear them feel good about themselves? How about lowering the fares this year? How about installing ticket, token and pass machines in each station (that actually work)? How about accepting debit and credit as forms of payment for tokens and tickets – in all stations? And finally, since this is a good service with all kinds of potential, I think the Passenger Audit is a fantastic initiative – if employed by both the passengers and the powers that be. As I said earlier, I’d never heard of it, so chances are, many others haven’t either. Let’s see some more advertising on this. If you want people to believe in you, you’ve got to be accountable. I think it can happen but it will be an uphill battle and there is no room for ‘personalities’.

    I hope this may be of some use to you and I look forward to learning about the TTC’s progress.

    Thank you,

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