Image by David Topping

E-mail to register yourself or your group to participate in the passenger audit at Wilson Station by telling us your/your group’s name, contact information, and the station name. We’ll send you updates and a copy of the report when it’s complete!

Download the audit questionnaire, bring it with you to the audit on Saturday, July 17th or fill it in at your leasure, and send it to us through e-mail or snail mail at

TTC Passenger Audit
c/o Councillor Joe Mihevc
100 Queen Street West, Suite B35
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

Leave a comment about the facilities at Wilson Station  by clicking the comment link.


One Response to Wilson

  1. Seymore Applebaum says:

    I live near Wilson Station and I use the TTC occationally. I use the subway more than the bus. For several years I’ve noticed that the platform that was used for buses to York University and other locations to the north of Wilson station has become a ugly storage site. I believe a better use for that sight would be a farmer’s market and/or a public library. The neighbourhood could be considered a “food desert” because the nearest supermarket – No Frills – is six blocks away.
    In nearby, Downsview Park there are several sources for vegetables. The one I prefer is FoodCycles (www.foodcycles.org) it is an urban farm supported by the City of Toronto. I hope that something could be arranged so that FoodCycles and other local farmers like Young Urban Farmers could operate their CSA or Farmers Market out of that former bus platform at Wilson Station that is currently used for storage. There are a lot of people who pass through Wilson Station as passengers and commuters that would appreciate easy access to fresh vegetables and fruits year-round and particularly during the summer. I know that some City of Toronto properties like parking lots house farmers markets so this suggestion is consistent with current uses of city owned properties. It wouldn’t take much to make this a project that the city could be very proud of. I’d be pleased to show you how this could work. So don’t hesitate to contact me. I already have a backyard garden and I participate in new CSA operating out of Temple Sinai Congregation on Wilson Ave.

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