Image by David Topping

Art Starts will be leading the audit at Yorkdale Station with an additional focus on improving community art space in TTC stations! Join them and share your input.

E-mail to register yourself or your group to participate in the passenger audit at Yorkdale Station by telling us your/your group’s name, contact information, and the station name. We’ll send you updates and a copy of the report when it’s complete!

Download the audit questionnaire, bring it with you to the audit on Saturday, July 17th or fill it in at your leasure, and send it to us through e-mail or snail mail at

TTC Passenger Audit
c/o Councillor Joe Mihevc
100 Queen Street West, Suite B35
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

Leave a comment about the facilities at Yorkdale Station  by clicking the comment link.


2 Responses to Yorkdale

  1. Jerry says:

    Re; Yorkdale station, Lawrence station and Eglinton station;

    Could someone wash the windows as in one of them the dirt is so thick plantlife is growing…!

  2. Aadila says:

    Yorkdale subway station is the most convenient for my bike, subway, walk commute into town. However, I am forced to go to Lawrence West for 2 reasons:
    1. There is no bicycle parking at Yorkdale.
    2. When my 5 years old is in tow, I can not use the entrance on Ranee. (It is the worse designed entrance is terms of accessibility. I look a the Lawrence Heights community next to the station and wonder how frustrated those residents are as the subway is so so close, yet soo far.

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