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  1. Dorrett Reynolds says:

    it is about time something is done with the subway stations. I noticed that the stations are not cleaned as before. I used to see the steam cleaning of the platform and that has not happened for years. I also notice at St. Clair West Stn. that repairs were done to the tracks and some part of the station was repaired but it was never cleaned up. it is dirty and needs a good washing especially the roadway within the subway. The platforms are dirty for every station that I go to. Another thing I usually get the early bus and one morning the bus I was on had papers and garbage all over, this bus was coming from the depot in that condition. the people of Toronto needs to be schooled about cleanliness and especially the school children. We are living in a multicultural society and Canada needs to start advertising about keeping the country and city clean as well as our streets. Ever since the first garbage strike we had everyone started throwing everything all over the place. There is no comparison now to the City of New York and the transit system. Even in Washington no one is allowed to eat on the train. I was amazed to see carpet on the train floors and how clean the station and subway were.

    The transit needs to start spending money on hiring cleaners and advertise about keeping the place clean. The drivers and inspectors are not diligent in helping to keep the system in top order. Toronto the “beautiful” has become Toronto the “dump”. Start a campaign that has this jingle….If you throw litter on the street, you’re a litter bug. If you through garbage in the air, you’re a litter bug. If you through garbage in the subway, bus, platform or anywhere a little bug is what you are! make it so that it is catchy and everyone can start to do their part to keep not only the TTC clean but the whole city.

  2. Bill Kuhlberg says:

    From a 50 year plus rider of the TTC.

    The Bus schedules at the stations and on the streets are too dificult to read, the font is to small.

    My eyesight is a challenge as my opthamologist likes to say.

    I wonder how many others would benefit from a redesign of the sign postings.

    And I haven’t even mentioned reading these signs on the street late at night.

    Yours truly,


  3. Doug says:

    I don’t need to go out and see whats wrong on the 17th although I support it wholeheartedly…I take the subways everyday from the Woodbine station west then north to Downview….it just bothers me and that is being kind as to se just the dirt and grime on the walls, windows etc…from Eglinton station on the Downsview station all the way north the stations are fine stations….but does the TTC not own a pressure washer?…it would restore these stations to being new and freshly polished… pressure wash the windows, inside and out, the walls, etc…once a year there should be a rotation and a crew just assigned to this task….it boggles my mind how the TTC doesn’t maintain its existing facilities…

  4. Michael says:

    Many other subway systems in the world do not allow any food or drink on the trains or in the stations. WE NEED TO IMPLEMENT THE SAME HERE.


  5. Michael says:

    Here is a recent email thread and typical responses.

    Dear Karen,

    Why is it that when ever anyone takes the time to bring a deficiency to the attention of the TTC, we get a response that does not at all in any way state that something will be done?

    It is not difficult at all to “monitor the amount of littering and refuse that collects”. Why is it that all other public places such as shopping malls, office buildings, airports, hotels, inter city buss lines and stations, inter city trains and stations, museums, art galleries, public schools, universities, hospitals, department stores and restaurants are able to “monitor the amount of littering and refuse that collects” and keep them clean? All of these places are “used by the public” and some even experience just as high a traffic volume as the TTC.

    Your response is meaningless and states the TTC has no solution. The TTC did not seem to find it “difficult to monitor” twenty years ago but today TTC staff find it “difficult to monitor” the most menial things that the rest of society has no difficulty with.


    From: Councillor Giambrone []
    Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2010 12:45 PM
    To: Michael Hutcheon
    Subject: Re: TTC Policy

    Dear Michael

    Thank-you for your e-mail regarding cleanliness and the TTC. The Councillor has read your thoughts on this matter and asked that I respond.

    Cleanliness is important to us on the TTC, and we appreciate you letting us know that you experienced a sub-standard level of cleanliness during your commute in comparison to the standard you experienced in Singapore. As the TTC is used by the public it is at times difficult to monitor the amount of littering and refuse that collects, it is for this reason that we depend on hearing from our valued customers.


    Karen Deuitch
    Constituency Assistant to:

    Adam Giambrone
    Toronto City Councillor
    Ward 18 Davenport
    Chair, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

    Toronto City Hall
    100 Queen Street West, Suite C42
    Toronto, ON, M5H 2N2

    (t): 416-392-7012
    (f): 416-392-7957

    >>> 5/27/2010 10:53 AM >>>

    I just got back from a trip to Singapore. The subway system is just immaculate! The trains and stations are spotless. The first thing you hear over the intercom on the train is “Please remember that no food or drink is allowed on any STA train or in any STA station”.

    The TTC needs to implement this policy as soon as possible. The spilled pop, coffee and food litter is everywhere throughout the system.



  6. Laura says:

    Although the questions are good, they are solely on the physical characteristics of the station – cleanliness, artwork, lighting. All good things, but more importantly should the auditors not study if there is enough room for the passengers, is the adequate seating, is the flow of passengers to and from trains easily accessible, the level of crowdedness, and ease of navigating the station itself.
    It’s these things that the people find important too.

    I hope these things are also something TTC will look into fixing rather than easy lighting and cleanup changes.

  7. andrea burry says:

    I use the ttc on a regular basis and am amazed at the stations with the ceilings and walls falling apart that need to be redone. Some of the garbage collectors, have their own agenda. One station I use, the man picks up only certain pieces of garbage and leaves the rest. If passengers were not allowed to eat on trains, leave papaers behind the inside, the trains wouldn’t look so filty by the end of the day. Hopefuly the ttc. is serious about doing something to fix our delapated system.

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